What is a Wellington short sale?

Wellington short sale agents help homeowners with short sales.

Wellington short sale agents

Wellington short sale realtors help homeowners get their short sales approved.


What is a Wellington Short Sale?

Do you live in Wellington Florida or own an investment property in Wellington Florida?

Are you upside down in your mortgage on your Wellington Property?

Do you owe more than your home or Wellington investment property is worth today?

How long can you hold out? How long can you go before you are throwing good money after bad in your situation?

If you put your house or property up for sale for what you owe the bank- well, that is certainly not going to work in most situations unless you still have equity in your Wellington home. Most people who are behind in their mortgage payments are also under water. That means they owe more money to the bank than they can sell their house for.

Are you in that situation?

If you owe the bank $600,000 for your home loan but your house is only worth $300,000 you are considered upside in your mortgage and if you sold your house for the market value of $300,000 the bank would have to say they would agree to accepting less than what you owe them. Unless you are taking money out of your savings to make up the difference you will not have enough money from the sale of your Wellington home to be able to pay off the loan you took out on your home.

This is where we can step in to help you. We can negotiate terms for you with your bank to get them to accept less than what you owe them. That is a Wellington Short Sale.

Wellington short sale agents

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